Adam Rubin

Adam Rubin is proud to call Annoyance his home away from home. After studying with every teacher in the training center, Adam went on to co-create and star in over a dozen original shows. His first production, “Dr. Amazing: Your Country Needs You!” was a psychedelic sci-fi spoof named “The best thing to do in Chicago while High” by Time Out magazine. Other writing/performing credits include “An Aerosmith Christmas,” “The Perfect Wave,” “Holy Fuck Comedy Hour,” and “Scientology: The Musical,” a show that answered the question, what would happen if aliens came to earth and it turned out Tom Cruise was right?

As far as performing outside of Annoyance, Adam has starred in several plays, a handful of television commercials, improvised for three years with Gold Star at iO and founded Suspicious of Whistlers, the first long-form improv comedy group at Washington University in St. Louis.